Part of marketing a business is getting the word out there - and my situation is no different and we are often very eager when starting out. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Salesforce - I worked there for 2 years and I use their CRM with my current business. I happen to have many personal contacts and I am writing I about a wrong I feel I committed. Many who I sent the following note (below) won’t care. Some will, some may be pissed. For this latter group I apologize and I kneel at your feet begging forgiveness!

I built my website to capture incoming leads and also blog subscriptions. Originally, my “Get Updates Email Subscription” was setup via MailChimp. I had close to 1,000 friends and people I know on some level that I wanted to say “hey, this is what I am doing” and then I had hoped to very rarely broadcast them again (eg. Holidays, etc…) unless they were subscribed to my blog. I sent that email about a month ago…no problems… life is good - People know what I am doing now.

The challenge was I ended up getting iContact - a neat email marketing tool that tightly integrates with Salesforce and my RSS feed was setup to reach my iContact campaign (and any subseqent salesforce campaigns or so I thought). So I felt I had to notify my contacts of this change so I sent out to my friends and contacts I had communicated with in the past with the note below.

I had some replies that were positive although there were many unsubscribes which I expected and encouraged. A few people sent similar notes, saying thanks for the note, I am not in the market right now but happy to talk shop when the time is right. Awesome! Others went as further to say, “hey don’t think I am brushing you off”. Doubly cool and I get it. All good!

Nobody came out and said it (as of this post) but after I sent it I felt it was a mistake what I did and I have a feeling I annoyed many people. I take these things personal and I am probably over thinking the matter. No person was subscribed by me directly but to someone getting that message their perception is that they were so that is uncool and it bothered me enough to write about it and fix it quickly. I simply had to fix the RSS feed to not update everybody, and many of my friends and non-business contacts would hardly ever hear from me on a broadcast basis so this email was needless and premature.

To better segment - I switched the “Get Updates Email Subscription” back to MailChimp for a Weekly Update (if any posts are made). I like mailchimp for this purpose and it keeps things nice and clean. Nobody is on that list that didn’t subscribe on their own. This is not to say some friends won’t get a broadcast message from me in the future but it won’t be for a blog update, unless they subscribed.

For anyone that got the note below and is reading this now - I apologize!

As of right now I am a one man show. The website and everything was built by yours truly so mistakes are a given (I make plenty) but this could have been easily avoided.

Just call me a Screw Up, I been here for year’s (with LL Cool J Moma said knock you out playing in the background)!

Best, Jaret


Recent Change





I have made a recent change to better communicate with my friends and contacts regarding my mortgage business.


The last thing I want to do is inconvenience you (any more than I possibily have) so if you do not wish to receive any further updates - please unsubscribe below - I encourage it! 


If I have offended you with this generic message, I apologize in advance. 


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