I reached out to a group of advisors with a note basically indicating I would be happy to do business with them when the situation best warrants the client.

I have an inside track (I am a customer) and I found a niche that I could present my business in certain circumstances. I know this because I am a client for one of their products and their mortgage product (albeit solid in certain situations) was not an ideal fit at the time.

My pitch was on that premise that if the clients needs cannot be met then I would be happy to try and help. Many people were positive and receptive, while others politely and professionally declined for various reasons. Others want to meet, and a very small portion were on the defensive. I wasn’t for a second expecting everyone to jump at my feet and I was extremely happy with the response. I was seeking to build a few solid relationships in this cohort and I am confident that will happen.

But there were a couple that replied to the tune of “Yeah great… but what is in it for me?”. As soon as someone says something along these lines I truly wonder if they “get it”. People who get it (in my opinion) are those who go “What is in it for the client? How can I provide and give them better value?”. We were given ideas for 50 powers of influence to attract 500 contacts. I picked 3 and have over 4,000 and I did this with relative ease - not because I am smart but because I understand the paradigm shift that is at play in the new economy.

I don’t need a database - I want people who will come to me as an option to potentially help their clients when they cannot.

I simply found the various responses interesting of the people who get it and those who most likely do not.

The days of the greed gland need to give way to the “give” gland!