So you say you have no mentors, nobody that you can lean on for sound “been there, done that” startup advice or tech information?  Humbug I say, so quit your non-sense talk, tune into twitter, and you’ll be surprised who will help you if you only reach out.  The following are people I listen to, engage with, sometimes ask for advice, debate with, and ball bust for fun.

Either way, there is an abundance of experience & knowledge at your finger tips, and I am only happy to share with you some of the people I follow & look up to on Twitter.  Almost all of the following are fairly to very active in the Twitterverse, making their TweetGreed very low which is awesome. I have a domain set aside called  TwitGreed may be a good idea to measure.  Bi-Directional tweets in proportion of followers/following, etc.  Just a random thought.

@albertsupdates Made first cool million at 16, sold a couple companies since, and now a Garbage collector @Kontagent in San Francisco. Had the pleasure of meeting here in Toronto. Awesome & very humble guy, hence his garbage title.

@wbrettwilson Very successful businessman turned investor, and a part of the infamous Dragon’s Den on CBC here in Canada. Very humble & often responsive in the twitter community.

@dharmesh Awesome & humble presenter, and super smart. Founder at (I think this is his 9th company he has been a part of) and creator of, and author of Inbound Marketing. Great guy and constantly giving back.

@ericries lean startup movement. Very informative tweets. There is more I should be saying so feel free to chime in.

@danmartell Hails from New Brunswick, transplanted to San Francisco after selling a successful startup, and now founder of ever popular Always seen mixing it up in TwitVille.

@davemcclure Founder of Movement, Geeks on a Plane founder (I think), large & in charge in the valley, ball buster, swears like a sailor, and just managed to get in front of Hillory Clinton for the Startupvisa movement.  Love his no holds barred, say it how it is style.

@zappos Tony Hsieh “Shay”: CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos. $1 Billion anybody? Sure, my name is Amazon and I want to buy you. Sold. Screw gambling, book a trip to Vegas to get a tour of Zappos.  They are all about it. Very impressive story.  Wait a minute, Tony sold another company to Microsoft for in excess of $200 cool ones, yeah you got it, pimp daddy millions. But you would never know it from Tony.

@FredWilson A “Reputable” VC Holding down NYC, like Jay Z being Breeze E on 5th Avenue. I could easily go on and free style you some what you know about my writes? (De La Soul if you got lost during my flow). Fred is very respected in a not so always the case Venture Capital community.

@JasonFried 37Signals Founder, Author of Getting Real and latest book ReWork. Hater of poor design and over complicating things.

@dhh David Heinemeier (@37signals co-founder) & founded Ruby on Rails.

@AustinHill, Investor in Bumptop & Straight out of Montreal & often in destinations unknown.

@Pkedrosky Always has an interesting perspective on the economy, the valley, startups, VC, and he is Anti-Facebook (to the best of my knowledge).

@pegobry 10 Things you Should know around 6AM on Silicon Alley Insider. Informative.

@balsamiq Founder Awesome Web Mockup Tool Great Guy from what I hear.

@HnShah Founder of Kiss Metrics.

@bsaren Founder. Funny Guy.

@Zeldman Web Design Guru, Author, Founder at Happy Cog, and publisher of  A List Apart.

@MattMireles CEO. Interesting information. A straight shooter from what I have seen so far.

@MattCutts He quit Facebook, so by default I am impressed, and he is a Google dude, so no doubt he is super smart.

@MarkRuddock multiple successful startups under his belt. was the latest to be gobbled up (by RIM).

@DrewHouston Founder of amazing service that I tell all my friends/family  Offers solid advice for startups also.

@kn0thing Alexis Ohanian Co-Founder of Reddit (successful Y Combinator Grad), Breadpig.  Great speaker, funny, and an awesome contributor to this world.

@yegg Gabriel Weinberg is Founder of @DuckDuckGo, the alternate to Google Search, and he has a very informative blog. In fact, I see a February Video up of Alexis (just above) there right now.  How ironic.

@EnglishPaulM Huge fan, never met., huge success.  Btw..  He is not a heavy user on Twitter but dig up what you can.  Seems like an amazing guy.

@CDixon Chris Dixon absolutely Rocks. I paired down my toolbar and I absolutely had to add back in.  Amazing resource & informative content.

Who am I missing? Who is on your list?

I am sure you could add to this list of people you look up to, respect, and reach out to for mentoring, startup advice, guidance, and tech information, etc.  By all means, the floor is yours.