Get Active. Get Social. Get Business!

Ask me anything, Forms, and Surveys with Formspring

Blogging or life streaming made easy with Posterous or  Tumblr.

Customer Feedback with Get Satisfaction.

Digg and contribute worthy information.

Everybody wants the Gist : contact aggregation.

Facebook ( Need I say more…

Geo socialization is all the buzz with Foursquare.

Have you considered a Facebook** Like Button **for your website? You should.

Is your comment system up to par? Let’s Disqus. is another easy to use live video streaming platform (see UStream Below).

Killer Analytic tool Konagent is your ticket if you are trying to cash in on Facebook.

LinkedIn: the business equivalent to Facebook.

Mo emails, mo problems, in my town or yo town, Flowtown turns those emails into social gold.

No need to play phone tag for a meeting – socialize your availability with Tungle.

Optimize your website with Google Analytics.

Plancast let’s your friends know your plans and upcoming events you plan to attend.

Quora: Ask Questions, Get Answers.

Reddit is another great social news aggregation service.

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking service.

Twitter Start Tweeting. It is easy, and focus on quality not quantity.

UStream makes Live Video made easy.

Vimeo is Video creation & sharing made easy and an addition or alternative to YouTube (below).

Wordpress is a very flexible blogging tool & content management system (CMS).

Xylophagous (Wood Eating) cannot be very Delicious: Another Social Bookmarking site (Cheesy I know but can you do better with X?)

Youtube Having a YouTube video channel for your business is a wise move.

Zoom, Snap, and socialize your Photo’s with Flickr.