Success in war lies in scrutinizing enemy intentions. And going with them. ~ Sun-tzu

An interesting and quite funny video of Larry Ellison (useless fact: Ellison is named after Ellis island) bashing “Cloud Computing” and CEO Marc Benioff was brought to my attention recently.  In this video he rants about how cloud computing has been around for years and he basically calls the whole concept idiotic and pretty much laughs at Salesforce. I actually got quite a laugh out of the whole thing and I think Ellison has been previously quoted for saying “there is little correlation between wealth and intelligence”, and I have to agree with him in this case.

(Update:The following link has been removed…)

The man is far from stupid, however I failed to get the point of his useless rant. Sure,’s marketing slogan de jour may be Cloud Computing but they are not saying they invented it and they do not deny they utilize Oracle’s database infrastructure. A business has two choices to store data: they can buy servers and store it in house better known as on premise or they can utilize outside servers known as a hosted environment or cloud computing as it is now being referred to. Nothing really idiotic there is it?

In my Salesforce days, we were using SaaS (or Software-as-a-Service) and On Demand as a term and Cloud Computing is gaining acceptance across the board. It is much easier to understand so kudos to the Salesforce Marketing department.  Samurai Larry can bash Cloud Computing all he wants but the fact of the matter is he presviously sat on the Salesforce board and he held or holds a considerable amount of their stock.  Furthermore, he is a major shareholder of NetSuite so all of this talk about Cloud Computing being idiotic and water vapor is quite intriguing, not to mention the fact he maintains a good personal relationship with Benioff behind all the smoke and mirrors.

Couple this with the fact Marc Benioff is slated to go back to his old stomping ground to speak at Oracle’s upcoming Open World event leaves one wondering why?. Maybe Larry is having one of his Samurai swords shined and sharpened to slay his protege and rein in the king of water vapor.  Keep in mind, was the first B2B to reach $1bil in revenue via the internet, Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing, or as Larry calls it, Water Vapor.

It will be interesting to see what Oracle Larry does with all this hot selling steam.  In the meantime, here is a great video on cloud computing if you don’t know what it is but don’t tell Larry because he may think you are an idiot!