It astonishes me how often I run into great businesses that operate their email off of hotmail (it is brutal and avoid it like the plague), gmail (eg., or various ISV’s (Internet Service Provider), etc. I guess some people do not care or think it warrants much attention, however this is your business, this is your brand, and ultimately your identity and impression you are setting in prosumers minds. Make is stand out!

I further understand and appreciate that many of these businesses are not email or internet experts, etc, however the beautiful thing is you do not need to be an expert these days.  Google Apps is a suite of tools that is offered free on their standard edition and is fine for most small businesses and start-ups, etc. If security is of concern then you can always bump up to the Premier Edition and consider Google’s postini service. Many companies are considering this because Google eMail, better known as Gmail, is amazing and very agile and easy to use at a fraction of the price and you can access it anywhere you have the internet.

The beauty of Google Apps standard edition is that they will allow you to run up to 50 (I think) email names off of your domain name.  For example, let’s say you own the domain name, and you have or want to create,,, etc.  With Google apps this is easy to setup and I have placed the link below the image to get started. They even have instructions for most major domain providers to point the domain to Google.

Google Apps Free Edition' 'Picture of Google Apps'

Google Apps Free Edition

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