It is beyond me how the press gives her the attention they do.  She made a big deal and canceled a speaking engagement at the University of Ottawa (Canada), because her one bodyguard said it was unsafe.  More importantly, she made it an opportune time to respond back to a letter that was written to her from that very same university to tone down her language for various reasons, and the press somehow made this news.  I am willing to bet there was probably 20 or 30 people that were not close to fighting, and it was probably no where near unsafe for someone that is not important like her.

This is about all the attention I can muster up to spend on the matter, however she gives the many true balanced (not coo coo) conservatives a bad name. Maybe she was at least offered some good wacky backy (Weed) while she was here in Canada & she could lighten up with a few puffs.  She has no problem being scantly dressed & it is unfortunate the marching drums allow her useless echo to beat as awful as it does.  She reminds me of Heather Mills.  What can I say to get heard for the sake of being heard.  Disgusting.  Ann, don’t use our water to bleach your pearly white hair as it may brainwash you & have you saying something that makes sense & isn’t arrogant or racist.