Mr. Rideout’s commentary is bang on. Premier Dunderdale is starting out as a BlunderFail. For the first time, Newfoundland & Labrador’s elected premier is female – a long overdue feat in and of itself. One of right mind would assume Mrs. Dunderdale  (incumbency in tow) understands struggle, equality, fairness, and the importance of a healthy democratic process – or dare we say debate.

Her supposed position of commencing the house of assembly in the spring of 2012 completely disrespects all aforementioned. It is unfortunate that many of today’s politicians, especially leaders of ruling governments, are confusing their seat for a throne of dictatorial and “higher then mighty rule”. Mrs. Dunderdale’s office is one I had the good fortune of visiting when I was a very young boy, one I was told on several occasions I would one day work from, and although I appreciated the belief people had in me and my future, politics wasn’t in it, and political scapegoating such as this unfortunate maneuvering will not draw me nearer anytime soon.

Although I do not currently reside in Newfoundland, much of her remains in my heart and I will remain a Newfoundlander until I inhale my last breath. We are a people of great history, resilience, pride, hardship, and plenty of previous arguable inequality of our own, however the tides have changed with a robust economy that has weathered the economic storms of late, and we have exited out of the “have not” status regarding provincial transfer payments. Newfoundland & Labrador must remain ever mindful of these past hardships as we strive for continuous progression, and never forget our roots while taking nothing for granted, understanding nothing is firm – even on the “rock”. Newfoundland & Labrador’s days ahead look quite bright, yet this should not entail a government getting ahead of themselves, knowing many different people got us to where we are today, and all voices must be heard as sails are set for tomorrow.

Mrs. Dunderdale would have most certainly earned my vote, however I am quite disappointed in her act to delay the house of assembly as I believe this erodes democracy, and that is something every Newfoundlander, Labradorian, and Canadian must vigorously defend. I do not want to place an unnecessary spotlight on the fact she is female because the gender equation should never have existed. Unfortunately it did exist and many, like myself see her premiership as a cause of celebration and an infusion of fresh air, a new beginning, an advancement… call it what you will, and I believe this delay is diminishing all of these notions and more.

I would like to congratulate Premier Dunderdale on her recent election win, and I remain confident she will do a fine job representing the people that elected her and the party that was given a majority mandate for the 3rd time in a row. The opposition most certainly does not have to be agreed with, but it does have the right to be heard in timely fashion, and that all people are represented. This is responsible and the very essence of good governance, and is something premier Dunderdale should reconsider.

Too many acts of “spring” can usher in a mighty fall regardless the cushion of seat or throne!