By fluke or fate, Hacker News helped me land a pretty sweet gig at FormAssembly - an awesome online form builder app that integrates nicely with Salesforce (a former employer) and PayPal.

I had all but given up checking “Ask HN: Who’s hiring (month) 2012” as most of the jobs were beyond my technical capability.

I decided to check it one more time. There was a great fit.

Tip: similar presentations helped me raise eyebrows at Yammer, 7Geese, Wingify, Heroku, Shopify, Rypple, Wave Accounting and Noah Kagan former early Facebook employee and AppSumo founder said it was the best presentation he’d ever received. “Now that’s what I’m ** talking about” ~ The ever classic Noah! Let’s not forget BrainTree. Bill Ready, CEO of BrainTree, spoke very candidly at Starter League (formerly Code Academy) when I attended back in January this year. He talked about BrainTree eventually entering Canada so a couple days later I went to FedEx near the John Hancock Center, and tried to get a tube or something small to send a creative resume package but all they had was this oversized box. So I sent Bill a Canadian hockey stick that I brought with me, some Code Academy cards, and a Visualize T-Shirt, and I sent it over to Bill hoping to get an interview for a sales gig. </br>

'BrainTree Resume' 'An oversized box with a Team Canada Hockey Stick and T-Shirt I sent as a Resume to BrainTree Payments'

Either he never got the package or he got it and tossed it thinking I was too crazy to give me a shot. Regardless, a similar presentation as the following got me an interview through their normal hiring channel.

This is what I sent FormAssembly.

30 Minutes later I had an impressive response. 7 days later I was hired. It has been a blast to date working with an awesome group of people.

Don’t give up! Thanks Hacker News and a big shout out to FormAssembly for giving me a shot!