These are my notes from Code Academy class.  Keep in mind they are notes and I care little if there are errors (better yet you get to correct me). I am taking the Web Development & the Design class so there will be a mix and mash of both.

Jeff worked for Crate & Barrel for a few years.  Didn’t get .net framework, and didn’t think he was smart enough for web apps.  Found out about Ruby and then rails in 2005. Left a 20 year career and jumped into open sourced.

The very 1st Code Academy Design class….  

Make something people can use, but “want” to use, and Make it Matter. Carolyn Chandler

12 Years as user experience architect Co-author of A Project Guide to UX Design.

Design Instructor (Depaul Masters, Human Computer Interaction) Curriculum Developer, WaSP Interact All around superstar!



  • Business model basics

  • User research

  • User Modeling

  • Visual design basics

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction Design

  • Design testing

  • Front End development with Html5 & css3

  • Back end basics

Design does not equal graphics

General Business Model Ideas Immersive Research Ideation/Concepts Product Design Design Testing Front End Development

Failing shouldn’t be a mark against you (reference to Startups).

I got sick as a dog from starting hot yoga so I was like a space cadet for the class and felt like I was getting kicked in the head. Shame on you Core Power (actually, they are great..)

The first HTML/CSS optional class:

Shay Howe is a User Interface Engineer and he is teaching an optional HTML/CSS.  This is a no brainer for those who can attend.  How could you turn down that collate smile? Shay travels and attends groups like a rock star so we are especially appreciative of his time.

I could go deeper into this as I know a bit about the basics but…

HTML = Content .  Meaning the words, the links, the images, tables… ie. Your content.

CSS = Presentation. How you style your content (html). Half the battle is getting this separation right (my words not Shay’s) Elements are what makes the content do things like which is an anchor tags.

Place Text here (For example:”Shay Howe”)

External CSS is the best way to go, meaning you have HTML files for your content and separate CSS file(s) to style your HTML (content). You do this by adding the following link tag in your html file(s) in the tag. Why the head tag?  One of the reasons it is at the top of the page so the CSS (and Javascript (Shay doesn’t touch on JS) files etc if you ever get into that) page(s) can load faster.  Shay and others can probably give deeper answers but to me it just makes sense.

We also got into Div classes and ID’s. You use classes to specify blocks of html that you want to style and it allows you to style many areas (classes) with one css style sheet and often simply changing a couple areas.  ID’s are pretty much the same except they can only be used once per html page.

The entrepreneurship optional Wednesday class is being led by aspiring entrepreneurs JinHwang & JeanBahnik and a big thanks goes out to them.  I will cut it short this time around but a big thank you goes out all the support & help from the inaugural Code Academy class alumni.  You know who you are and thank you.  The support is quite impressive to say the least.

Idea: NealSales Code Academy should get involved in Sprouter

Jaret Manuel